August 2, 2018

I worked with Diane during a challenging time in my career. I was an individual contributor who wanted to lead others and frustrated with my lack of success to make that happen. Diane was instrumental in coaching me to make that transition. She led me down a path that brought clarity to what motivated me as a leader, the type of company culture that was an ideal fit, and the type of professional challenge that brought out the best in me. She also worked with me during the hiring process as I sought new opportunities. From assistance with my CV, to presentation materials, and general interview preparation with business owners and executives, Diane was pivotal in helping me be my very best.

It’s been seven years since I first worked with Diane. To this day I still reflect on the things I learned about myself during that time. She is a trustworthy and compassionate person, and she has real business experience that allows her to relate to the challenges her clients face. These combined assets make her a great Career Coach. I highly recommend Diane to any executive seeking assistance in their career.