September 2, 2018

When I began working with Diane my family business had about 150 employees and was still run by my parents, the company founders. I was just beginning to contemplate what it would take for me to grow from my role as a manager of a small department into the co-CEO role I would step into six years later. I had no idea how challenging it would be to navigate the family dynamics of a leadership transfer. Diane helped me create the development plan I needed to grow my skills quickly. She taught me, challenged me, held me accountable, and held up a mirror so I could see for myself how I was doing. When I was stuck inside my own perspective, she helped me see the motivations and perspective of others. When I slipped into familiar patterns that did not serve me, she helped me identify the patterns and change my behavior. Her knowledge of leadership and personal development were invaluable. But it was her challenging questions and her support that allowed me to develop into the executive I needed to be to lead my business.