August 9, 2018

One of the companies I worked for some time ago had a program where top performers were given an external executive coach as part of their career growth. The ironic part was that through the sessions with the coach, I came to the realization that the company I was with would not get me to where I personally saw myself, hence my coach recommended I talk with Diane to see if she could help me find my path to personal satisfaction in my career path.

I had been with the same company for 10+ years, had risen up the ranks and had no experience in the job market. Through the sessions with Diane, she helped me take the things I had learned from my executive coach and translate that into what job would fit my passion, and not only that, she helped me analyze companies to go after and thought me how to build up a network outside of my existing company. After 3-4 months, I found a new job meeting both my personal and professional aspirations for a global company. The lessons I learned from Diane certainly helped me move on, but as I build up teams and grow them in my new role, these lessons I am passing on in hopes they may help others to reach their passion.