When I began working with Diane my family business had about 150 employees and was still run by my parents, the company founders. I was just beginning to contemplate what it would take for me to grow from my role as a manager of a small department into the co-CEO role I would step into six years later. I had no idea how challenging it would be to navigate the family dynamics of a leadership transfer. Diane helped me create the development plan I needed to grow my skills quickly. She taught me, challenged me, held me accountable, and held up a mirror so I could see for myself how I was doing. When I was stuck inside my own perspective, she helped me see the motivations and perspective of others. When I slipped into familiar patterns that did not serve me, she helped me identify the patterns and change my behavior. Her knowledge of leadership and personal development were invaluable. But it was her challenging questions and her support that allowed me to develop into the executive I needed to be to lead my business.

One of the companies I worked for some time ago had a program where top performers were given an external executive coach as part of their career growth. The ironic part was that through the sessions with the coach, I came to the realization that the company I was with would not get me to where I personally saw myself, hence my coach recommended I talk with Diane to see if she could help me find my path to personal satisfaction in my career path.

I had been with the same company for 10+ years, had risen up the ranks and had no experience in the job market. Through the sessions with Diane, she helped me take the things I had learned from my executive coach and translate that into what job would fit my passion, and not only that, she helped me analyze companies to go after and thought me how to build up a network outside of my existing company. After 3-4 months, I found a new job meeting both my personal and professional aspirations for a global company. The lessons I learned from Diane certainly helped me move on, but as I build up teams and grow them in my new role, these lessons I am passing on in hopes they may help others to reach their passion.

I had the benefit of initially meeting Diane through an executive recruiting activity, and quickly was impressed by her depth of knowledge and expertise related to leadership, organizational design, and how to navigate challenging workplace situations.  What I specifically enjoy about working with Diane, is that she brings all of these skills to the table with every business situation that she confronts.  Overall, Diane’s broad experience and acute ability to quickly identify issues, offer advice, and propose solutions make her a great sounding board when working through any and all people and leadership matters.  I could not recommend anyone more highly.

I worked with Diane during a challenging time in my career. I was an individual contributor who wanted to lead others and frustrated with my lack of success to make that happen. Diane was instrumental in coaching me to make that transition. She led me down a path that brought clarity to what motivated me as a leader, the type of company culture that was an ideal fit, and the type of professional challenge that brought out the best in me. She also worked with me during the hiring process as I sought new opportunities. From assistance with my CV, to presentation materials, and general interview preparation with business owners and executives, Diane was pivotal in helping me be my very best.

It’s been seven years since I first worked with Diane. To this day I still reflect on the things I learned about myself during that time. She is a trustworthy and compassionate person, and she has real business experience that allows her to relate to the challenges her clients face. These combined assets make her a great Career Coach. I highly recommend Diane to any executive seeking assistance in their career.

Diane and I had the pleasure of working together when an executive search for financial talent crossed our paths. I was interested in joining a great software company and Diane was a tremendous partner along the way. She provided valuable insights about the company, including culture and typical hiring practices, and encouraged me to be my authentic self throughout the process. Her recommendations were spot-on and I highly recommend her for anyone considering other career opportunities.

Diane has been instrumental in adding the needed talent to my company.  I appreciate Diane’s ability to not only sift through the skill sets that match the needs but she also takes the time to understand the company and assess the fit with the company culture.  Working with Diane means not only getting the necessary skill sets but also means getting someone who will be a great fit with the team.  She has the connections to find strong employees who are not necessarily “in the market” but knows they would be a strong fit and is able to get them interested in making a move that is a win for the employee and the company.  When Diane brings forward someone she states is a strong candidate, I know she is right.

I have known Diane for over 10 years. She has been fundamental to my growth both personally and professionally. Diane was my coach for many years during a time a profound transition. She helped me find career focus and leadership confidence to pursue all the big steps ahead of me. Diane is a resourceful professional who offers practical ways to think through complex situations. Her exposure to various industries and leadership roles position Diane in a unique way to support clients in gaining clarity of purpose and be action oriented. She also has deep understanding of an array of organizational disciplines such as change management, systems thinking, executive coaching, and leadership development which are useful lenses for analysis in the consulting arena.

Diane has a high level of integrity and love for seeing people succeed … generous, kind, and empathetic human being who changes your life forever.

Diane has a quiet strength – someone who is patient and can find the truths throughout the clutter/noise.

As I was growing my business it became time for me to articulate our company values. Through a thoughtful yet efficient process, Diane was able to help me identify and prioritize company values so that new hires were easily able to not only articulate our core values but their priority. This process not only helped me identify key traits for new hires but also empowered employees to make their own decisions knowing they had the company values at heart. There is beauty in simplicity; find it with Spring Forward.

I was introduced to Diane in 2014 when I was fortunate enough to call her my manager and mentor. She quickly taught me how to remain calm amongst the chaos by focusing on the end goal while constantly reprioritizing.  Diane provided me with a strong foundation of best practices and processes in an industry that can be extremely challenging and competitive.  Her perseverance, integrity, and ability to creatively self-reflect on every project has helped me grow into a more confident and successful professional.  Diane helped open my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength I did not realize I possessed.  I can not recommend Diane enough.  She is simply a superstar in her field.

I was incredibly fortunate to work under Diane when I returned to the workforce after staying home to raise my children. Although I wasn’t new to the recruiting field, I had a lot to learn to get back up to speed and I was so lucky to learn from one of the best in the industry. She wasn’t just a great supervisor, she was a mentor to me. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, she is a builder and she is passionate about developing others to reach their full potential. Diane really loves what she does and truly cares about helping people. Working for her has been a high point in my career.