I began my career in a progressive HR organization at a global technology company where I gained experience in all aspects of HR. After about 10 years, I grew weary from conducting layoffs, and when presented with the opportunity to put people to work, I jumped at it.

I was a recruiter for a global staffing company and after about 2 years was promoted into my first management role. What a challenge: to make everybody happy and simultaneously be an effective leader. I jumped in feet first and learned everything I could about building a team, growing a new division with P&L responsibilities, managing customer relationships, being a part of a leadership team, and growing the business.

Talk about a crash course in business!

I left to start my own consulting/coaching business to work with leaders and emerging leaders, working with the best of the best. I love working with impact players, people who know what they know but are humble enough to want to be/do better. I’ve worked with all types of professionals up to the C-Suite and business owner, helping them make a bigger impact, which is so rewarding.

After working independently for a few years, the owner of a growing recruiting firm recruited me to help manage a new project with a global technology mega company. They needed someone who could hit the ground running, jump into chaos (and make sense out of it), and create success – which we did. The business and team grew, and we won multiple local and national awards. I then built the executive search division from the ground up, partnering with leaders, including C-Suite, to fill a variety of professional and executive level roles with high business impact. I was proud to be viewed as an extension of our clients’ business.

Early 2018, I decided to go back into business for myself to focus on my passion and also have more ownership of my life and work. I’m super passionate about working with leaders and businesses who want to grow and do so with integrity. It’s a privilege to support people in their career journey, as your work impacts every aspect of your life.

See the pattern? I love to build and grow!

Bottom line: I know what it’s like to be a leader during periods of change and uncertainty. It’s challenging, but not if you have the right support and resources. If you want to get moving, click here to schedule a free consultation and see if we’re right for each other.