Let me guess. You’re a business owner or business leader and you’re busy - SUPER busy. You don't have time to focus on talent, but it's one of the things that keeps you up at night. What if you were able to have the right people in place and have more time to focus on the business?

Let me give you the relief you're looking for.

What I do:

  1. Understand the current and future state of your business, market, industry, culture
  2. Help you identify or attract the best people to align with and carry out your vision
  3. Guide and support you to make decisions that generate the best results

Provide clear direction so that everyone is heading in the same direction

Create a strategy and process to attract top talent that can hit the ground running

Understand the job market and set realistic expectations

Support your employment brand and offer suggestions if something is off

Partner with all stakeholders to set and manage goals, expectations, timelines, feedback

Sound familiar?

You've worked really hard to build a successful business, but now the business is outpacing your recruiting capabilities. You need to tighten up things in order to grow.

You are losing good candidates to your competitors and not sure why.

One of your leaders is underperforming; you need to make a change but it has to be highly confidential.

Your business is changing, and in order to grow it, you need different skills/experience but aren’t sure what to do about it.

Hiring managers have made some poor hiring decisions and now you have to deal with the fall out.

You aren't in a position to make strategic hires, just "spray and pray" on job boards and hope the right people will show up.

You need to be more innovative, but you continue to recycle the same candidates in your industry.

You'd like to attract top-notch people but all those free beer parties and fantastic benefits aren’t driving them in. In fact, you keep losing your best people and the people who are there just for the perks won’t leave - ever.

I help businesses like yours...

Grow and scale in a way that honors people and business.

Make powerful choices about the best people to help you expand your business while also respecting the people who helped you get where you are.

Create and manage processes so you can be productive and focused.

Have a clear vision for what you want, communicate effectively, and ensure execution.

Attract top-notch people who will quickly make a positive impact.

If you don't have the right talent in place, how are you going to grow?

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